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 This is my school doodling board that art teachers just put up in one day and after one period it looked like this

the first picture is me and my friend’s drawing and Eridan is someonelse’s

AND I ran into that ‘someonelse’ who is homestuck fandom!! yay (I have never seen someone in Homestuck fandom at school…) But I couldn’t even start conversation because she just left there right after I took a picture… what a chic girl 

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I am re-uploading commission info because I have my paypal account now! I am clumsy with this thing…please excuse me.

Cost will be like above!

  • ANY line drawings(including sketch, B&W or line works)-$2 USD 
  • Brush tool drawings-$3 USD
  • simple SD(chibi)(must be whole body)-$5 USD
  • Higher quality SD(chibi)-$7 USD
  • Colour drawing:down to waist-$8 USD
  •                          whole body-$10 USD
  • Illust-$15 USD

I can get

ANY KIND of GENRE(if you have images to show me) for example:

Homestuck(include intermission)
Homestuck OC
Team fortress 2
Doctor Who
any genre OC
any shipping
and anything else!



My bank account information will be attached in commission confirm email.

If you have any question just contact me through the ask box

or email!

or skype


Thank you for reading! :) 

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