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Uhm… whatever, just an idea, related to the com-share idea Ouro posted x’D

AHHH YES Aishi visualized this idea better than me omg

Yeah taking offer as what artists and commissioner want is good idea. It’s like PMDe’s mission board haha :D

I wanna talk about this with you later Aishiiii fufufu thankss! =v=*

Dude I kind of like that idea, I have trouble doing commissions because a lot of people want me to draw things I dislike

having a huge variety of things to choose from would be neato

This needs to be a thing

This would make some commission issues i have go away.

this is so perfect

This WAS a thing, and it worked AMAZING before the site hosting it (on a side board) got taken down. Tinierme. I was a part of it. You know what? I’ll TRY and make it a thing, but I’d like some help with it

but for now, if you like the idea, signal boost:

here’s one for tumblr.


Guys! This is now a real thing! Check out the tumblr, and share this with other artists and friends! This is such a neat idea, and I’d love to see it succeed.

Believe or not, human young Droog and young Slick…with my au

Those scenes just popped up in my head so I just drew!

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 This is my school doodling board that art teachers just put up in one day and after one period it looked like this

the first picture is me and my friend’s drawing and Eridan is someonelse’s

AND I ran into that ‘someonelse’ who is homestuck fandom!! yay (I have never seen someone in Homestuck fandom at school…) But I couldn’t even start conversation because she just left there right after I took a picture… what a chic girl 

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